Abstraction as a visual language for the soul’s embodied experience.

My mark-making, processes, and use of color and abstraction form a language to express my fervent devotion to a world of love, truth, beauty, and justice.

I alternately work with intuition and structured processes or systems to speak of varied forms of servitude and enslavement — body and/or soul — and the aftermath/awe of escape and freedom. Color and space are employed in the picture plane, installations, and soundscapes to document my experiences — and common human experiences — of coercive control vs. liberatory discipline vs. ecstatic freedom; ownership vs. agency of body, mind, and spirit; seeking power vs seeking the soul. I’m especially interested in the ways that we (wittingly and unwittingly) participate in our own enslavement and/or are complicit in the enslavement of others, how to perceive the cage(s) we inhabit or hold others in, and how to perceive doors to freedom.

Color, for me, is a form of liberating beauty that speaks to — and from — the soul.

Soul is at the root. Getting present enough to hear it and perceive it, because it Is. Always. Right. Here.